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Fast Financial Fix

Fast financial fix sounds like a catch-phrase for a scam. It can be. But there are options out there that allow you to fix your finances. And they can be fixed fast. Bankruptcy is one such option. And bankruptcy is far from a scam. It is a conservative legal undertaking to eliminate your debt. Normally bankruptcy is a last resort for consumers. But for those in need of a last resort, it is a worthwhile strategy.

Bankruptcy is premised on dealing with debt that can't be afforded. Those filing for bankruptcy know this. That is why they file for bankruptcy. Other financial solutions may not work, or can't be afforded. That's where bankruptcy can come in. Bankruptcy is a fast financial fix, too. Chapter 7 bankruptcy from filing to discharge last a little over three months.

Bankruptcy Eligibility

Not everyone is eligible to file for bankruptcy. There are certain income and asset restrictions. Those who are eligible, though, stand to benefit from bankruptcy law. Normally those seeking bankruptcy relief are eligible for filing bankruptcy. Their income and assets are limited. That is why they need bankruptcy help. Those in need of bankruptcy need a financial fix, a fast financial fix.

If you have too much income, or have too many assets, you commonly can pay your way out of debt. Bankruptcy is not necessary. But for those who can't, bankruptcy is an option. Bankruptcy eliminates credit card debt. It eliminates medical bills, personal loans, payday loans and even taxes. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for those in need of a fast financial fix. This PBS news story illustrates a couple coping with their debt.

Beyond the fast financial fix, bankruptcy protects you from your creditors. If you file for bankruptcy your creditors can no longer collect from you. You can't be sued, foreclosed upon, have your wages garnished, your car repossessed or even contacted. It is another reason consumers file for bankruptcy.

If you are in need of a fast financial fix in the Sacramento area, contact my office for a free bankruptcy consultation to evaluate your options. You have nothing to lose but your debt! 

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