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Sacramento Bankruptcy: Medical Care & Prescription Costs

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Medical Care & Prescription Costs

Medical care and prescription costs are some of the most common expenses facing consumers considering bankruptcy in today’s economy. Costs for medical care and prescriptions are outpacing incomes, particularly fixed incomes. The retired and disabled are bearing the brunt of these increases and, with them, their buying power decreases by the day.

Prescription drug costs have exploded, leaving many without necessary drug treatment due to their inability to afford their prescription costs. Rising insurance premiums, co-pays and coverage gaps only exacerbate the problem. It’s not that something has got to give; something already gave.

Consumers are left in the lurch looking to provide for their health and, at the same time, afford it financially. This CNBC article paints the picture.

What then to do? Debt has become a byproduct of healthcare in America. If you can afford to repay the debt, you have a way out. If not, bankruptcy may be your only option. Though bankruptcy is a final straw alternative for many, it is valuable resource for many facing health care and prescriptions costs beyond their budget. Medical and prescription bills are dischargeable debts that are eliminated upon a bankruptcy discharge. Food for thought for those in debt due to healthcare.

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