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Sacramento Bankruptcy Protection

Debt is on the rise in Sacramento, and it is elsewhere. In Sacramento bankruptcy protection may be an option for many seeking solutions to their financial troubles, or simply a way out. Bankruptcy is a legal option, but it is a good one for those in need. Bankruptcy will allow your to eliminate debts you cannot afford or, as put by the bankruptcy court, discharged. By filing bankruptcy, in Sacramento or elsewhere, debtors declare to the bankruptcy court they cannot afford the debt they have. They then ask that the debt they owe be discharged, or eliminated.

There is a formal process to the Sacramento bankruptcy protection process, and case filing. But the premise is that filers, or debtors, cannot manage the debt they have. They cannot afford it, bankruptcy gives them an ability to eliminate what they cannot pay. If debtors can pay their debts, even if only a portion, they must do so. Whatever portion of debt that can't be paid, though, is discharged. Discharge is the legal term used by the bankruptcy court meaning debt elimination.

Sacramento Bankruptcy Protection Provided by Filing Bankruptcy

By filing bankruptcy you seek to eliminate debt. That's the point. This bankruptcy protection is referred to as the "automatic stay". In bankruptcy legalese this is the bankruptcy protection granted from the bankruptcy court. It blocks your creditors from trying to collect from you after you file bankruptcy. Creditors can't sue, garnish your wages or even call you after you file for bankruptcy. Sacramento Bankruptcy court frequently sees debtors in need of this bankruptcy protection. This is particularly so, and as this news story portrays, for those facing foreclosure bankruptcy is really important. Judge Klein, the Sacramento bankruptcy judge from the news story, fined a creditor severely for not
abiding by the bankruptcy automatic stay.

If you are in need of debt elimination, and protection from your creditors, Sacramento bankruptcy protection and court may be your best bet. I invite you to contact my office and evaluate your options. 

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