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When to File Bankruptcy

When to file bankruptcy is a common consumer question. There is no common answer to this question. But the need to file for bankruptcy is often prompted by similar debt circumstances. The biggest factor is a simple one. Can you afford your debt? If not, bankruptcy should be an option. Are you borrowing money from creditors to pay other creditors? If so, another sign of potential bankruptcy need. Many people rob Peter blind to pay a growing stream of Pauls. It can seem an endless scheme, hopeless in nature. But bankruptcy can offer relief.

Back then to the question of when to file bankruptcy. For those in need, the simple answer is sooner rather than later. Robbing Peters to pay Pauls takes a financial toll. The sooner a bankruptcy is filed, the sooner to stop the financial blood flow. It's not a complicated concept. Just a simple solution.

Bankruptcy eliminates your debt. It also stops your creditors from collecting. That's the point of filing bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is definitely detrimental to your credit. But so is debt. This is analysis in considering when to file for bankruptcy.

What is worse on your credit? Bankruptcy or debt? Depends on the debt. If the debt cannot be managed, or even paid, perhaps then is the time to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is often the better alternative to those who meet with me for the first time. Why? The wait. Waiting to file for bankruptcy only worsens the debt dilemma. Debt that cannot be afforded can only accumulate over time. And that's what it does. Bankruptcy can put an end to debt, and can answer for you the question of when to file bankruptcy.

Don't ignore your financial state. Do something about it. Ignoring it can only worsen the problem, as this recent news story points out. If you are not sure, contact me for a free consultation to evaluate your options. But don't wait! 

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