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Student Loan Bankruptcy

You can have student loans, and you can file bankruptcy. But getting rid of a student loan though bankruptcy is a tough trick. Not that you can’t do it. But eliminating student loans in a bankruptcy is hard. Perhaps I should say hardship. That, though, is what it takes to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. Showing of hardship is the key to allowing a student loan to be discharged in bankruptcy.

The type of hardship to eliminate a student loan in bankruptcy goes way beyond basic hardships of life. Losing your job likely won’t do it. Losing your ability to

Mortgage Strip-Off in Bankruptcy

A mortgage is a secured debt. If it is not repaid, the property securing the debt can be taken back by the lender. Typically a foreclosure results when the mortgage is not made. Foreclosures are addressed in other areas of this website. Suffice it to say for this

Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Means Test

The bankruptcy Means Test was a qualification standard adopted by Congress in 2005 for bankruptcy filers. It essentially determines whether you qualify for a bankruptcy liquidation, better known as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for a Chapter

Sacramento Bankruptcy: What is a Bankruptcy Conversion?

Bankruptcy conversion is changing the chapter of your bankruptcy filing after you have already filed. Types of bankruptcy are organized by chapters of the federal law that created them. Though there are many types of bankruptcy chapters, the

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Debt Relief Alternatives

Bankruptcy is an option to eliminate or reorganize your debt. There are other alternatives besides bankruptcy, though. Debt relief companies and agencies can help, but be cautious taking this route.

Many debt relief companies and agencies promise to

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy credit counseling is a requirement of the bankruptcy system. It mandates that someone who files bankruptcy must undergo credit counseling before filing bankruptcy and, again, after filing but before the bankruptcy is discharged. It is not difficult to do

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Donald Trump Filed 4 Times (Don’t Be Deterred by a Supposed Bankruptcy Stigma)

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to eliminate or reorganize your debt. When your debt is beyond your ability to repay, bankruptcy can be a way out.

Individual debt relief is no different than a

Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Bankruptcy does not normally allow for the discharge of student loans. Only under an extreme hardship can a student loan be discharged. These guidelines give the degree of difficulty of eliminating student loans through bankruptcy. Unemployment and other debt

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is one of the most common forms of debt for bankruptcy filings in the Sacramento region.

There are a number of reasons credit card debt can cause bankruptcy. The ease of ability to obtain credit card debt is first factor to consider. Often

health care costs 2Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

Medical bills are the prime factor for filing bankruptcy in the United States. According to the Huffington Post, as well as numerous other sources, it is the main reason.

Medical bills prompt bankruptcy filings for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Foreclosure Basics

If you are facing foreclosure of your home, there are some basics you need to know.

A foreclosure does not mean your home is sold. Your house is still yours. A foreclosure is notice warning you of a mortgage delinquency. If you do not come current with

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