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Sacramento Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Attorney

Get news, tips and information about bankruptcy filing and debt relief/elimination in Sacramento

Get Out of Debt

Debt can be crippling. Many in Sacramento are living with debt. And the situation is worsening. But how do you get out of debt? This recent news story offers tips to relieve your debt dilemma. But the options offered presume you have the money to, at minimum, pay down your debt. What do you do when

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Fast Financial Fix

Fast financial fix sounds like a catch-phrase for a scam. It can be. But there are options out there that allow you to fix your finances. And they can be fixed fast. Bankruptcy is one such option. And bankruptcy is far from a scam. It is a conservative legal undertaking to eliminate your debt

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Bankruptcy Refiling

Bankruptcy refiling is a common question potential clients ask. Can you refile a bankruptcy they ask. Yes, you can refile a bankruptcy. But the effect of a subsequent bankruptcy filing varies depending on how long it has been since you last filed bankruptcy. It also depends on how the prior

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Bankruptcy Obligations

 Bankruptcy obligations are many. But so are the benefits. Some of the most basic requirements are to disclose all your debts. The same goes for all your assets. Listing your debts is obvious. The purpose of filing for bankruptcy is debt relief. Listing your debts in your bankruptcy paperwork

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Senior Bankruptcy Benefits

Bankruptcy may be a last financial resort for some. But it can be a good one. Bankruptcy allows you to reduce or, in many cases, eliminate your debt. At the same time, assets can be protected. This is an obvious benefit. Senior bankruptcy benefits can be even better. This New York Times article

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Free Consultations

 Consultations to consider your bankruptcy options are always free!

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Debt Consolidation Scams

Beware of debt consolidation scams. Not exactly Shakespearean advice, but it is a worthwhile tip. Those in debt are also in need. They are in need of getting out of debt. When you can't afford the debt you have, there are few options available. This is particularly so for those on a fixed income

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Credit Card Relief

If you owe more than $8,000 in credit card debt, you are not alone. According to this news report, the average American household owes more than $8,000 in credit card debt. The level of credit card debt is soon to exceed the credit card debt levels prior to the Great Recession. That's a lot. There

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Sacramento Bankruptcy Protection

Debt is on the rise in Sacramento, and it is elsewhere. In Sacramento bankruptcy protection may be an option for many seeking solutions to their financial troubles, or simply a way out. Bankruptcy is a legal option, but it is a good one for those in need. Bankruptcy will allow your to eliminate

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Credit Report Accuracy

Credit report accuracy may not be that accurate. Consumers often rely on credit reports and scores to establish credit. Mortgages, car loans and credit card accounts are some of the more common examples or creditors who look to consumers' credit scores to extend credit. The better the credit score

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When to File Bankruptcy

When to file bankruptcy is a common consumer question. There is no common answer to this question. But the need to file for bankruptcy is often prompted by similar debt circumstances. The biggest factor is a simple one. Can you afford your debt? If not, bankruptcy should be an option. Are you

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Bankruptcy Credit Repair

 Bankruptcy credit repair is a way to get a fresh financial start. The common misconception is that filing bankruptcy is nothing but a negative on your credit. It's not. Filing bankruptcy, whether in Sacramento or elsewhere, is a way to eliminate debt. That is good for your credit, as most

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Mounting Consumer Debt

Debt is on the rise. This recent Bloomberg article reflects the mounting consumer debt in America. Sacramento consumer debt is no different. The Bloomberg article portrays trends in consumer debt. It analyzes debts aside from mortgages, and the trend is clear. Consumer debt is up. It is up in

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Debt Resolution

Did you make a resolution to begin this year? Do you have debt? Perhaps you should make a debt resolution. If you owe more debt than you can afford to repay, make 2018 a year you do something about it! There is a lot of new consumer debt, as this NBC news story reflects. More so now, if not soon

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Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy protection is often the point of filing for bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy allows to an automatic stay. That is a legal buzz word that means you are protected from your creditors when you file for bankruptcy. But protected from what? Well, everything. The bankruptcy automatic stay shields

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Debt Stress Relief

Debt is stressful. It is very stressful. Anyone living with debt knows this. But debt stress relief is possible. During the Great Recession, debt was rampant, leaving millions looking for relief. Following this financial collapse, credit dried up. Though this temporarily ended credit concerns, many

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Payday Loan Debt

 Payday loan debt is a problem. It is a big problem. And as the payday loan industry rivals fast food restaurants in numbers, the problem is growing. Payday loans are loans borrowed against your paycheck. They can be taken against any postdated check you write. A borrower goes into a payday

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Rising Credit Card Debt

 Rising credit card debt is a byproduct of the improved economy. According to a CBS News report, credit card debt has surpassed a trillion dollars nationwide. That's a lot. The more the economy grows, the more credit that becomes available. And with it, debt. Credit is beneficial in generating

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Bankruptcy Debt Elimination

Bankruptcy Debt Elimination

Get out of debt.  Now!  A recent CNBC news story cited credit card interest and fees topped a hundred billion dollars this past year.  That's a lot.  And this number is growing.  Bankruptcy debt elimination can be a way out.


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Sacramento Bankruptcy Bust

Sacramento Bankruptcy Bust

A recent Sacramento bankruptcy bust shed light on one of the basics of bankruptcy.  Tell the truth!  Filing bankruptcy is a powerful tool.  It allows you to eliminate debt you are unable to afford.  After filing for bankruptcy creditors can no longer

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