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Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Bankruptcy debt relief is the purpose of filing for bankruptcy. There are many means of seeking debt relief through a bankruptcy filing. The two most common forms of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both provide debt relief. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows consumers to liquidate, or eliminate, their debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides for the reorganization and/or elimination of debt. There are benefits to both these forms of bankruptcy. Each consumer situation and financial fix through bankruptcy is different.

Knowing that

Keep your home in bankruptcy

Can you keep your home in bankruptcy? It is a common question posed by potential bankruptcy clients. And the common answer to this question is yes. You can keep your home in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy laws allow you to protect, or exempt, your property when you file for

Payday Loans in Bankruptcy

Payday loans in bankruptcy are a common connection. If you don’t make good on that $300 post-dated check you gave to the local payday loan place for $250 cash, you are in for it financially. Interest rates nearing 500% kick in when your check doesn’t clear. And the

Credit Card Debt Elimination In Bankruptcy

Credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy filing. Consumer debt has increased dramatically in the past few years. The level of credit card debt is now near it‘s pre-recession level. And that’s a lot. This

Trump’s Take on Debt and Bankruptcy

Donald Trump’s take on debt and bankruptcy is pragmatic. Limit debt accumulation but, if you can’t, consider bankruptcy to eliminate it. This New York Post article reflects the Republican’s debt philosophy.

Bankruptcy is a tool according to Trump. He’s right

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy Myths Exposed

Over the next few weeks and posts, I will expose some of the major bankruptcy myths out there. The first, and often the most common, is that bankruptcy is a financially irresponsible move. Or that it is financially irresponsible to incur more debt

Title Loans in Bankruptcy

Title loans in bankruptcy are a common connection. And for good reason. Title loans, commonly called pink slip loans, cost. They cost a lot! Title loan interest rates can reach nearly 400%.

Title loans use the equity in your vehicle as collateral for a loan. You do not

Trump and Bankruptcy

You are not alone if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy on behalf of his businesses four times. While Donald Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, he has sought debt relief for several of his business interests. But, as Trump

Bankruptcy Discharge of Credit Card Debt

Bankruptcy discharge of credit card debt is one one the most common consumer causes of bankruptcy filings. If your credit card debt is more than you can repay, bankruptcy my be a solution. The main premise of filing bankruptcy is coping with debt you are

Bankruptcy Means Test Meaning

What is the bankruptcy means test meaning? What even is the bankruptcy means test? Many considering bankruptcy and other debt relief options want to know. Stated simply, the bankruptcy means test is a financial evaluation of whether you qualify for certain bankruptcy

Debt, Income and Bankruptcy

Debt, income and bankruptcy are financial factors that dictate the consumer economy. Debt-to-income ratio is the starting point for evaluating consumer credit. The higher your income, the better your credit. The more debt you have, the worse your credit. Or at least

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