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Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishments

Bankruptcy and wage garnishments are a natural duo. Though they do the opposite, they are often paired together. If you wages are being garnished, your only option often times is bankruptcy. If, that is, you intend to stop the garnishment.

A wage garnishment is a deduction taken out of your wages to pay off a debt you owe. Normally a wage garnishment is placed on your paycheck by a creditor you owe. The wage garnishment is also referred to as an earnings withholding order. Whatever it is called, a garnishment is a collection practice taken by a creditor to

Ides of March

According to Wikipedia, the Ides of March marks the date Julius Cesar was slain by his own. The assassination marked the end end of one Roman empire and the beginning of another.

The term ides of March means, literally, only the 15th of March. But the meaning of the term signifies

Bankruptcy Bad Idea

Bankruptcy affords you protection from your creditors and the elimination (or reduction) of your debt. But along with the benefits, bankruptcy comes with restrictions and responsibilities. One limitation is the amount of property you can protect in a bankruptcy. As discussed

Bankruptcy Basic: Don’t Lie

One of the most basic tenets of bankruptcy: don’t lie! It’s not a complicated concept but it is is not always followed. Bankruptcy affords filers a broad range of benefits. Chief among them is the ability to eliminate your debt. Since this is debt that cannot be

50 Cent Bankruptcy

Rapper 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy protection this past sumer. In spite of his bankruptcy status, Curtis Jackson, his real name, posted pictures to social media posing in front of stacks of cash. As reflected in my recent post, if that cash was not disclosed, 50 Cent could be

Bankruptcy Can Discharge Overpayment of Unemployment and Social Security

Bankruptcy can discharge overpayment of unemployment and Social Security benefits. Like any other unsecured debt, such benefit overpayments are legally binding. But as with most other legally binding debts, bankruptcy can

Health Insurance Holes

Medical care continues to be one of consumers’ biggest costs. Understandably, then, medical insurance is vital. Health insurance holes, though, can leave some exposed. Health insurance may not cover some costs or other procedures. It may cover more but come with higher

Bankruptcy Bang for the Buck

Bankruptcy bang for the buck is another way of saying whether filing bankruptcy will benefit you financially. In other words, will the savings of a bankruptcy outweigh the cost of filing for bankruptcy?

With the average consumer bankruptcy, credit card debt alone

Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt

Eliminate credit card debt through bankruptcy or pay it off? That is the question. For many consumers, though, it is a loaded question. They would like to pay off their credit card debt, but they can’t. And they know it. What, then, to do? Eliminating (or

Discharge Student Loans?

Can you discharge student loans in bankruptcy? Maybe soon you can. Eliminating student loans though bankruptcy is not normally allowed under the current bankruptcy code. Though student loan debt is unsecured, like credit card debt and medical bills, it is not treated the

Kanye West Filing Bankruptcy?

Is Kanye West filing bankruptcy? He could. But we’ll see if he does. The point of this post is that someone worth a purported $100 million can file for bankruptcy. Normally such wealth doesn’t warrant a bankruptcy. With $50 million in debt, though, maybe it

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