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How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit?

Every case is different. But by the time potential clients consider filing bankruptcy, their credit is already shot. By eliminating your debt through a bankruptcy, your debt-to-income ratio improves dramatically and instantly and, thus, improving your credit.

Consultations to consider your credit impact are always free.

Payment Plans Welcome

No matter the cost of a client’s bankruptcy, payment plans are welcome. There is no interest, late fees or minimum amounts due. Pay what you can, when you can, no matter the time it takes. Bankruptcy attorneys cannot be owed money by clients when filing their cases so

Sacramento Bankruptcy Statistics

In 2014 there were more than 20,000 bankruptcy filings in Sacramento. You’re not alone!

Title (Pink Slip) Loans and Bankruptcy

A title, or pink slip, loan is a loan taken on your vehicle after it is already paid for (or close to it). Typically these loans are secured, meaning they have to be repaid even if you file for bankruptcy. But since such loans are taken out after you bought

Bankruptcy Effect on Foreclosure or Trustee Sale

Bankruptcy stops all creditors in their tracks immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy. This includes mortgage and trustee sale companies. If your home, or any property you own, is in foreclosure, bankruptcy can stop the sale!

Experience Matters

10 years ago the bankruptcy laws changed and, when they did, they imposed limits–and penalties–on refiling bankruptcy cases. It is vital your bankruptcy filing is prepared, filed and prosecuted properly. Make a mistake and you may not be able to file again with full bankruptcy

Do you have to go to court if you file for bankruptcy?

Yes. But the vast majority of cases you should only have to appear at an informal hearing in front of a bankruptcy trustee–and I’ll be there with you. Though the hearing is located at the courthouse, you likely won’t have to appear before a

Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

This is a common question clients ask. The answer is yes. Though you can file another bankruptcy any time after your prior bankruptcy case is closed, your bankruptcy protection ability to eliminate your debt may be limited. An 8 year span between filings offers the

Will bankruptcy stop or prevent a lawsuit?

Yes. Filing bankruptcy prevents creditors from suing you and, if you have already been sued, causes any cases against you to be dismissed.

Can I Refile a Bankruptcy If My Case Is Dismissed?

Yes. But be careful. Refiling a bankruptcy case is tricky whether a prior case was dismissed or completed successfully. The number of prior filed case, when they were filed and what type of bankruptcy is being filed are all factors affecting your

Line of credit: can bankruptcy eliminate (discharge) this type of debt?

Lines of credit can be eliminated, or discharged, through a bankruptcy filing. Lines of credit are often unsecured and can be eliminated entirely through a bankruptcy. Unsecured lines of credit are like credit card debt–minus

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