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Bankruptcy planning

Before filing bankruptcy, it is best to plan for your filing. Ensuring your eligibility, protecting your property and making sure your debts will be discharged are all considerations in evaluating the type and timing of your bankruptcy.

For best results: consult a bankruptcy professional! Measure twice, cut once as the saying goes. Same situation in bankruptcy. Consulting with someone who knows bankruptcy will allow you to measure what you have and, more importantly, let you know what needs measuring!

Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse?

Yes, you can file bankruptcy without your spouse if married. Often one spouse does not want to file for a variety of potential reasons. Though most married couples file bankruptcy here in Sacramento together, they don’t have to.

If one spouse doesn’t file

“Wild card”: what it means for Sacramento bankruptcy filings

“Wild card” is a term used for bankruptcy filings here in Sacramento and California related to protecting (exempting) your property. In addition to exempting all forms of your property, exemption laws used in California allow you an

Credit report necessary to file bankruptcy?

No, you don’t have to pull a credit report before filing bankruptcy. You are required to disclose all your debts, but a credit report is not required to do that. Typically debtors know who they owe and don’t need a credit report to remind them.


Car repossessions and bankruptcy

If your car is repossessed you will likely owe the finance company or bank for the costs connected with repossessing your car. More so, you may owe for the difference between what you owed on the vehicle and the amount for which the car was sold at auction. This

Car accident injury and bankruptcy

Car accident injuries and bankruptcy relate in two primary ways:

1. If you caused an accident and are liable for another’s injuries or losses;

2. You were injured in a car accident caused by someone else.

If you were responsible for an accident that resulted

Is there a minimum amount of debt to file bankruptcy?

No. Bankruptcy can eliminate any amount of debt. Whether it is worthwhile to file bankruptcy with the amount of debt you owe is the question. The analysis to determine wether to file bankruptcy should be which of the following options will

Bankruptcy means test: what is it?

The means test in bankruptcy is a test to determine whether someone qualifies for bankruptcy. What the means test measures is whether someone can afford to pay their debts. If they can’t, their debts can be discharged, or eliminated, through a bankruptcy filing

Bankruptcy and credit card debt

Credit card debt is one of the most common types of debt discharged in bankruptcy. It is normally unsecured debt, meaning the debt does not need to repaid after filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy: can my employer discriminate against me for filing?

No. An employer cannot discriminate against you for filing bankruptcy. Federal law protects an employee’s right to file bankruptcy without retribution, discrimination or retaliation. You cannot be fired, demoted or put in jeopardy of

Transferring property prior to filing bankruptcy

Before filing bankruptcy do not transfer your property to anyone. Doing so may subject the property to a claim of the trustee. This means that even if you give your property away, the trustee can potentially take the property back and use it to pay

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