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Bankruptcy payment plans

Most clients in Sacramento who need to file bankruptcy cannot afford to pay it in one lump sum. That’s fine. My office has always accepted payments made over time to pay for a bankruptcy.

There are no minimum fees, deadlines, interest or other charges associated with payment plans. Pay as you can, when you can. The bankruptcy cannot be filed until the bankruptcy is paid in full, but you can take as long as you need to pay it off.

Lawsuits, judgments, garnishments & bankruptcy

If you have been sued, have a judgment against you or are subject to a garnishment, bankruptcy can stop them all. Bankruptcy prevents creditors from collecting against you. This means creditors cannot sue and, if they already have, they must

Bankruptcy and payday loans

Payday loans are the devil! Interest rates for such loans usually exceed 450% and, no, this is not a typo. If the postdated check you wrote for $350 you gave in exchange for the $300 you received is not honored, watch out. It will cost you! Often this results in the

Sacramento bankruptcy filings: Credit card debt

For those filing bankruptcy in Sacramento, credit card debt is commonly one of the biggest forms of debt eliminated through a bankruptcy discharge. If you have credit card debt you are considering eliminating through a bankruptcy, you are not alone!

Don’t bury your head in the sand: bankruptcy can help you

As is reflected throughout this site, bankruptcy is often a far better option than living with debt. It is better for your credit, financial standing and peace of mind. This CNBC video may help in your decision whether to file for

Bankruptcy and car loans: Can you keep your car if you file for bankruptcy

Yes. If you are making payments on a car loan and file for bankruptcy you can keep your car. You have to keep making your payments and, if you don’t, you can’t keep your car even if you filed bankruptcy.

The terms of your

Sacramento bankruptcy coverage area

Sacramento bankruptcy filings cover a broad area from the Oregon boarder to Fresno County, from the San Francisco Bay to Lake Tahoe. It’s a big area. Click here for a link to the district map for the Eastern District of California, the court covering Sacramento

Evening and weekend appointments for free bankruptcy consultations

If you need an evening or weekend appointment to meet for a free bankruptcy consultation, that can be arranged. Call me today at (916) 448-6923 to see what your debt relief and bankruptcy options are.

How to find the best bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento who is right for you

Selecting the best bankruptcy lawyer to overcome your personal debt problems can be complex. Who is the best attorney for you is the question to be asked and answered in the process. Whether you narrow your potential choices

Sacramento bankruptcy court link

In addition to the information provided in my website, it may be helpful for some considering bankruptcy, as well as those in an active bankruptcy, to access the court’s website. Bankruptcy is part of the federal court system which, for Sacramento, is in the

Is debt discharged through bankruptcy considered income on taxes?

No. If a debt is forgiven or otherwise cancelled outside the bankruptcy context, that amount can be considered income on your taxes. Often people receive a 1099 (1099-C) for the amount of debt that is cancelled and must pay taxes on

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